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May 18, 2018

The start of Project Kamp, prototyping another way of living

Rethinking the infrastructure we use every single day.

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Project Kamp Vision
This article is part of Project Kamp, a One Army project prototyping a more sustainable life. You can learn more

I don’t often start a new project. Phonebloks and Precious Plastic where both my graduation projects from 2013, and Story Hopper was launched 3 years ago. I like to keep working on projects. I don’t believe you find perfect solutions straight away, its pivoting, setting course changing plans implement new versions and slowly you will get there. Not with one brilliant idea, but with old fashioned work and dedication. Phonebloks teached me the valuable lessons, that its good to be independent, don’t rely on others/companies to execute ideas but work towards a goal yourself. Every single day. No shortcuts. It takes longer but it will create a solid foundation for the long run.

Project Kamp is a big goal.

One that is going to define the coming years of my life. Trying to find a way of living that is less wasteful.  Completely rethinking the infrastructure we use every single day. I know very little about the subject of building houses, living off grid, or harvesting food/energy beyond a hobby garden. But very excited to learn these basics needs of life.

I feel that many people around the world don’t like the system we live in, greedy, wasteful, unfair, 1% etc.. I believe the internet is a powerful tool with plenty of knowledge available for alternatives, but it can be tough to find your way through this jungle. So i’d like to pave the way, try out different solutions out there, combine ancient experience with latest technologies, share results and document our process properly. It might work out it might fail. But I think its crucial to start building a world we like to see, starting with this prototype.

Nothing exciting for this first step, no brilliant inventions, groundbreaking world saving plans or viral videos. Just a direction that is set for the coming years, the actual work is just getting started 🙂

Go to this topic in the forums to help out finding a piece of land 💪

Or for a video! 💥

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